Pune’s Top Electric Scooter Rental

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Now that you have decided to rent an electric scooter, there are a few things that you need to look at. 

For any regular commuter, investing in an electric scooter is the ideal choice. You might look at the finishing of the vehicle, its working, customer reviews, and your requirements from the vehicle. But, there are a few more things that you should be aware of while renting an electric scooter.

Exa mobility is based in Pune with a motive to unlock the potential of mobility as a service. With connected and shared mobility being the area of focus, Exa mobility provides electric scooters for rents to people and companies. Exa Mobility finds itself answering questions about the collaboration of sustainability and mobility at every step of progress. The main fact that drives Exa is that Mobility will last as long as people do.

They provide rental scooters under various plans and packages. The customer can choose anything from daily to yearly plans. The costs vary accordingly. 

Daily plan

Exa mobility provides  rental vehicles on a daily basis. With a 20% off, it costs only Rs400/day. Daily rentals are available at a 3% discount for the first 50 users. Get 100 Kms free and it costs Rs.2/km for the rest of your rides.

Weekly plan

Exa provides vehicles for rent on a weekly basis with 20% off. It costs only Rs.1400/week. Weekly rentals are available at a 20% discount for the first 50 users. Get 750 Kms free and it costs Rs.2/km for the rest of your rides.

Monthly plan

You can also get Exa’s vehicles for rent on a monthly basis. They provide 20% off so it costs only Rs.4000/month down from ₹5000. Monthly rentals are now available at a 20% discount for the first 50 users. Get 2000 Kms free and it costs Rs.3 per km for the rest of your rides.

For businesses

They rent affordable scooters for businesses and delivery needs. It costs you only Rs.2/km. The scooters which are available for this purpose are suitable for carrying high loads. You can take it upto 120Km range.

Invest and earn

If you have any idea in investing your money then exa mobility is the right choice. Just make one time investment and you’ll get a fixed monthly payment. It costs Rs.68,000 per vehicle investment. For this you’ll get 24% per annum interest.

We’ll tell you how this works in steps.

Step1: choose how many scooters you are going to invest in. It can be from 1 or upto 100.

Step 2: They will manage your vehicle. Things like maintenance, repairs, insurance claims everything will be handled by them.

Step 3: They will rent your vehicles to others. They have contacts with logistic companies, delivery executives, and commuters so your vehicle will always make money.

Step 4: They will keep their share and give your fixed monthly income for the vehicles you invested.