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Electric Bikes and Shared Pooling – The Future of Commute in India

There are approximately 350 million commute trips in India every day, and only 18% of Indians have access to private vehicles. However, considering the limited access and shortage of cost-effective and reliable options like hiring a cab or an autorickshaw, most of the Indians end up using the already exhausted public transport system. 

People moving to Pune or any cosmopolitan city in India, may initially opt for car-sharing or car-pooling options but have to shift to owning a personal vehicle at some point. This is when they realize that the transportation system in this country is radically broken, and is a consequential problem to solve. An average Indian might spend somewhere around 7% of his day in commute and a substantial amount stuck in traffic, which is more than twice in other countries. Imagine the stress it puts on the economy, not stating the frustration and stresses each individual faces.

In order to realize the future of electric and shared mobility, some current trends must be tackled – Our cities are currently witnessing increasing ownership of private vehicles and decreasing the use of public transport systems.These trends have repercussions on the country’s energy consumption, economy, pollution, congestion, health, and safety.

On-demand Scooter Sharing could be the right model to help solve this, which is why Exa Mobility laid the foundations of Exa Ride, an on-demand Electric-Scooter rental service in Pune. They provide a hassle-free, affordable, and easy-to-use alternative for the needs of consumers –  be it public transport, short neighborhood trips, or the daily commute. 

Exa Ride indulges in progressive and revolutionary IOT based micro-mobility solutions like scooters which can be easily accessed through an application, serving a dual purpose – the entire booking process becomes automated and simpler and controlling and tracking the vehicle remotely, thereby safeguarding the safety and security of the asset.

Electrification represents a colossal technological development in the automobile industry in recent years, which Exa Ride insists on following. By using Electric Bikes instead of the conventional fuel-based vehicles, Exa Ride aims at restructuring Pune’s mobility market and system. This is exactly what the city or in fact the country needs right now — eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and easy to maintain. Moreover, the electrification of road transport creates new infrastructure and new interconnections between commute systems and energy systems. With Exa Ride, we have created a new mentality towards electric shared vehicle rentals over owning an individual vehicle for commuting.

Across the country, the growth of shared and electric mobility has turned out to be an important aspect. It is particularly crucial in dense megacities like Pune. If people could rent a scooter whenever and wherever they need, it would be more convenient, faster, and affordable than other options and would also be a vast relief to urban traffic. 

We have established partnerships across the mobility ecosystem and promise to deliver state of the art products and electric scooter rental services. Our vision with Exa Ride is to work towards the development of our society with a strong network of commute systems, by use of innovative and cutting edge technology, and not compromising on future generations is our goal.

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