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  • Definition:
‘Company’ shall mean Exa Mobility India Private Limited a company incorporated in India and having its registered office at Apt-1, Ground Floor, A-9 Building, Vishnu Vihar Society, Bibwewadi-Kondhwa Road, Near Vision Express, Pune, Maharashtra 411037.
‘User’ a person who rents and uses a bicycle, electric bicycle, electric scooter, or other device from the Company.
Application (“App”) shall mean Exa Mobility India Private Limited.’s software application available on iOS and Android operating systems.
Service (“Services”): shall mean the various types of vehicle rental and ancillary services provided by Exa Fleet Services Pvt. Ltd.

   1.1. Your package specifies a fixed duration and free included KMs, additional time and KMs over and above that would be charged as per the following:
      1.1.1. Daily rental: Rs. 6/per extra hour + GST
      1.1.2. Weekly rental: _____
      1.1.3. Monthly rental: _____
   1.2. For monthly rental, the User will be offered as per the following two variants:
Prime Membership Standard Membership
Monthly Price Rs.3999/- Rs. 2999/-
G.S.T. +5% +5%
Vehicle Type Electric Vehicle Electric Vehicle
Home Delivery Rs. 200/-
Maintenance Cost
Charging Cost
Free Kilometers 4000 kms 3000 kms
      1.2.1. No refund will be provided to the User for stopping the Monthly rental booking before the specified duration.

Instances Charges
1. Traffic & Parking violations Full fine amount to be borne by the User.
2. User found drunk at the time of drop Rs. 1000/- + damages (if any)
3. Failure to drop the vehicle at the drop location Rs. 1500/-
4. Vehicle damage/scratches/dents Rs.5000/-Damage charges or Actual bill amount, whichever is higher.
5. Number plate found damaged Rs. 500/-
6. Lockset Damage Rs. 500/- for Lockset change
7. Loss/damage/tampering of Vehicle Tracking System, Odometer, Speedometer, Fuel gauge or any other measurement instruments Rs. 9,999/-
8. Mirror lost / damage Rs. 200/- per mirror
9. Headlight/Backlight damage Rs. 1200/- per set
10. Left/Right side body damage Rs. 1800/-
11. Front shield damage Rs. 1500/-
12. Inner panel damage Rs. 500/-
13. Left/Right foot rest broken Rs. 750/-
Such penalties will be deducted from the Security Deposit Amount as given by the User before commencing the ride. In case, the Penalty is higher than such a Deposit Amount, the User shall pay the over & above amount as due.

   3.1. All bookings made through the Website/App/Phone shall be cancelled through the same. The User may also cancel bookings by calling our helpline number and any cancellation communicated in this manner shall be valid, subject to the User identifying himself/herself and providing adequate details regarding the booking. On verification of the User’s identity and booking details, the user shall be intimidated regarding the confirmation of his/her request to cancel the booking.
   3.2. There shall be no reimbursements for expenses borne by the User without the prior consent of the Company.
   3.3. The Company is not liable to reimburse any expenses borne by a user due to cancellation of any third party associated plans that are not connected with the Company or the services provided by us; due to any vehicle breakdown, accident, damage or issues caused due to the vehicle or service.
   3.4. The user will be given a refund in the case when a booking is cancelled by the Company due to unavailability of vehicles. At times when the provider is unable to provide a vehicle for a booking due to reasons such as accident, damage, service, late handover by previous user etc.; they will process a full refund of the entire amount of the booking back to the original method of payment. The refund will be processed within a maximum time frame of 7-14 working days.
   3.5. In case of any wrongful deductions from the provider’s end and/or where the User feels they have been charged wrongly for any ride, the user is required to raise a query through our website/app or helpline number. The Company reserves the right to process refunds based on due internal investigation and verification of such claims. On successful investigation, such refunds will be processed within a period of 7-14 working days.
   3.6. When the User has booked a ride through the Exa Ride Application & clicks on “Start Ride”, the timer will start, providing the User a time frame of 20 minutes to reach till the Bike’s location. In such a case, the Bike will be exclusively booked for the User & during this the User will be charged Rs. 1.50/- per minute. Also a Minimum booking charge of Rs.0 will be added in case of bookings. Such a charge is non-refundable, in case the User cancels the ride after the timer starts.
   3.7. If the Company cancels the booking due to break down, non availability of the bike or any other reason, as mentioned above, we provide 100% refund of the rentals received. If you cancel the booking the refund would be made as per the following schedule & such is applicable only for the Monthly Rentals:
      3.7.1. For any cancellations made before taking the vehicle with appropriate reason, 75% of the transaction amount will be refunded to the user. The refund will be credited to the user’s account in 7-14 working days.
      3.7.2. In case a User fails to show up for his reservation or cancels the ride 4 hours before the pickup time, the booking shall be treated as a “No Show” and only the security deposit shall be reimbursed.
      3.7.3 Any coupon code, applicable once per user, applied to this cancelled booking shall be treated as utilized and shall not be reactivated.
   3.8 We reserve our sole right to cancel our booking if:
      3.8.1. The User doesn’t turn up on time to pick up the vehicle.
      3.8.2. Unavailability of the bikes ordered/ booked.
      3.8.3. Failure due to reasons beyond Our reasonable control, due force majeure events including but not limited to acts of God, floods, fire, earthquake, acts of terrorism, war, strikes, legislation or restriction by any government or other authority, etc.
      3.8.4. Also that we operate with machines i.e. e-vehicles which might break down or the previous user might not turn up on time or there can be an accident which has resulted in the bike not being available.