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Fixed Monthly Payment!


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Returns after
3 years

20.82% IRR

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will be your fixed monthly income for a period of 3 years with an investment of ₹68,000/-. ₹68,000 is the investment behind one Electric Scooter.

The more you invest, the more you earn😃

How this works?


exa ride finance

You finance Electric Scooters for us

1 Scooter or up to 100 Scooters, choice is yours!
Hurrray! 100% of Your job ends here.


exa ride maintenance

We will manage your scooters

Repairs, Maintenance, insurance claims and everything else!


rent scooter

We rent these scooters

Logistics companies, delivery executives, commuters - we have contacts all around so your vehicles are always MAKING MONEY!


exa ride monthly income

We keep our share and issue you your FIXED MONTHLY INCOME 💵

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September 2021 update

Scooters financed (50 scooter lot)



11 Scooters Financed

Investor testimonals

Audio Testimonial


Mr. Vernon Cardozo

Consultant in Facilities Management

I was looking for a high return investment opportunity and a good alternative to stock market investments. With EVs being the future, I think I have made the correct decision in investing my disposable income in Exa Mobility’s Vehicle Financing Program
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Mr. Ruturaj Ranjane
Government Contractor
Investors here are guaranteed to earn assured returns each month, despite the quantum of the sum varying depending on the financial market. I think that's a great offer which pushed me to invest here. And it's working great!
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Mr. Raj Parihar
Mobile Store Owner
Being a retired person, my first choice was always a fixed deposits in the Bank. They are safe and most trustworthy. But I wanted few of my savings to be invested somewhere else for higher returns as FD is nowadays giving only 6% returns. I invested in Exa Mobility's Vehicle Financing Program as the returns were guaranteed with monthly installments and I always admire youngsters doing something futuristic and innovative.
Mr. Anil Bibikar
Retired Professor & Consultant

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as of 6th september 2021

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Scooters financed

Frequently asked questions

The period of contract will be 3 years.

Yes, for the first 3 years which is the time period of the contract, You would be the owner of the Electric Scooter, and your investment will be an asset backed investment.

Monthly lease Charges will be paid from 1st date to 7th date of the relevant month.

You can terminate the agreement anytime. You will get an assured sum of money which depends upon the timeline of the termination and this amount is already predefined in the financial table of termination amounts which will be shared with you at the time of sharing the Agreement.

By doing any type of investment, be it a FD, Mutual Funds, Stock market, you are actually betting on some business outperforming the market by growing faster. Exa Mobility is one of such businesses for which you have a chance of betting directly. In other cases, there are a lot of middlemen, agencies, brokers involved in the loop which will take some portion of your investment. With Exa Mobility’s Asset Financing Program, You are directly participating in our business by financing Electric Scooters for us, so that we can make a good amount of money by utilizing these vehicles for renting out to Logistics Companies, Delivery Executives for which there is huge demand from the market, especially due to Covid-19. Soon Exa Mobility will start its own logistics service, so that we can do maximum utilization of our fleet.

Check out our e-scooters

1. Model Name: Hero Nyx

  • Range: 110km in a single charge.
  • Top Speed: 42 kmph
  • Number of batteries: 2
  • Charging time: 4.5 hours
  • Scooter has the best suspension and load
    capacity of 160 kg. It is made for Delivery and
    Logistics with strong build quality.
  • Has provision for attaching large box in the rear
  • Large leg space, can easily carry large boxes
    and bags 
exa-ridr-bike (1)

2. Model Name: BattRE

  • Range: 120km in a single charge.
  • Top Speed: 45 kmph
  • Number of batteries: 2
  • Charging time: 2.5 hours.
  • Scooter has the best suspension and load
    capacity of 160 kg. It is made for Delivery and
    Logistics with strong build quality.
  • Large leg space, can easily carry large boxes
    and bags
image-33-min-1-scaled (1)

3. Model Name: EPluto

  • Range: 70 km in a single charge.
  • Top Speed: 45 kmph
  • Number of batteries: 2
  • Charging time: 2.5 hours.
  • Premium Looks. Vehicle looks like a Vespa Scooter.
  • Good Pick up.
  • Digital Display and LED Headlights

Exa Mobility vs Other Investments

Checkout the EMI calculator video below for a simple understanding of how our program is similar to a bank loan. Here YOU (financer) act as a bank:

EMI Calculator

About us

Exa Mobility India Pvt Ltd laid its foundations in 2018 with the aim of dispensing Smart, Shared, and Connected Electric Scooters for Rental Basis.

Having multiple docks throughout the city, Exa has a widespread presence across Pune. We have expertise in fleet management and IoT Solutions for which the most of the technology is developed in-house.

Exa Mobility’s Electric Vehicle Financing Program is started in the year 2021 with an aim to increase the count of scooters in our fleet to cater to the ever growing demand from the market, especially from logistics companies and delivery executives.


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We will call you to discuss complete details about the program which includes:

  • Complete details about the agreement.
  • Timeline for signing the agreement, registering on our fleet and making e-scooter live on the platform.
  • Clarifying your doubts, if any, regarding the program.