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How Will The Investments Help Us?

Exa Ride’s docked scooter rental service is available to commuters in Pune. The money invested by you will help fuel a profound Electric Vehicle (EV) Integration, platform play, and help pilot profitability which in turn will help you to earn a profit. Our main vision is to completely revolutionize mobility and create a remarkable socio-economic impact and the investments will help us towards our vision. Further, it will enable us to build a mobility platform integrating different forms of mobility solutions that suit the cities of India.

Why Trust Us With Your Money?

“What if it turns out to be yet another scheme jeopardizing my money?”
Exa Mobility has its presence in a lot of sectors which includes research and product development, on-demand scooter sharing and rental, delivery, and logistics. The investments you make will have assets to back it up, making it very safe and risk-free. We ensure you complete transparency in the transactions, and anything and everything following up. Moreover, we are here for the long run and the innovation around the keyless mechanism of using scooters coupled with embedded IOT modifications is one of the things that makes Exa Ride unique and a favorite among commuters.
Bike rental in Pune
Our Investment plan acts as a steady source of income for those individuals who want to create an alternate source of monthly income.
Our scheme offers fixed returns on your investment instead like other market dependent investment options, returns are governed by the profit generated.

Buy, Lease and Earn

Rs. 2,118 / Month

Interest Rate : @20% / Annum

(Invest price may change depending on market conditions)

Investment :  ……………………….    INR. 57,000/-
Monthly Return :  …………………..    INR. 2,118/-
Time Period :  ………………………….    36 Months

Investors will purchase an electric vehicle of @Rs. 57,000 (Prices may slightly vary as per market conditions) through Exa Mobility India Pvt. Ltd. then the investor will lease that vehicle to Exa Mobility for its electric vehicle sharing mobility business for a period of 36 months and sign the agreement for the same. Exa Mobility will add the vehicle to its platform and in return pay @Rs. 2,118/- every month as Lease Charges for 36 months with an interest rate of @20% Per annum on reducing principal basis in the bank account of the Investor directly, after 36 months electric vehicle transferred on the name of Exa Mobility India Pvt. Ltd.

Features and Benefits of the Scheme

Guaranteed Income

Investors are guaranteed to earn assured returns each month, despite the quantum of the sum varying depending on the financial market.

Better Returns

Earnings generated through our scheme are better than that of traditional fixed deposits and Post Office Income Scheme.

No Limit

The scheme is flexible and does not come with any upper limit on its investment amount. It allows someone to invest in the scheme as per their capability and requirement.
1. Payment
1) The investor can make the payment online or via cheque in the name of Exa Mobility India Private Limited. Payment should be made in Indian Rupees only.
2) The payment of monthly lease to the investor will start due from the 1st date of next month after completion of 15 days (Registration period) from signing off the agreement which is required to register the vehicle on the platform of Exa Mobility.
3)Monthly lease Charges will be paid from 1st date to 7th date of the relevant month.

1)The bike leasing agreement will be signed by both parties digitally or in hard copies before the payment is being made by the Investor.
2)ID and address proofs are mandatory to be provided at the time of signing off the agreement.
3)The agreement will be for 3 years i.e., 36 months only.
4)If this Agreement is terminated by Exa Mobility then Exa Mobility is liable to pay a balance sum as per Table No. 4.1 to the Investor.

Table No. 4.1

1 6 12708 47022 59730
2 12 25416 37044 62460
3 18 38124 27636 65760
4 24 50832 18228 69060
5 30 63540 9120 72660
6 36 76248 0 76248
5)If the Investor terminates the agreement before 3 years then Exa Mobility will be liable to refund the balance sum as per Table no. 5.1 to the Investor.

Table No. 5.1

1 6 12708 40022 52730
2 12 25416 30044 55460
3 18 38124 21636 59760
4 24 50832 12228 63060
5 30 63540 4120 67660
6 36 76248 0 76248
3. E-Bike
1)Electric Vehicle usually takes 15 days to go on the platform of Exa Mobility once the investor makes the payment.
2)The bike will be marketed and advertised as the Exa Mobility brand and will be displayed on the app for bike sharing service to build the electric bike rental market.
3)The electric bike will be transferred on the name Exa Mobility India Private Limited after 3 years only after full and final payment is made to the Investor.
4)Any Repairs, Maintenance, operations and running cost of the bike will be Borne by Exa Mobility.
5)The bike will be showcased exclusively in the name Exa Mobility from the date of registration on Exa Ride by Exa Mobility. The leasing, usage and placement rights of the bike will be exclusively reserved by Exa Mobility.
6)Exa Mobility also doing  necessary insurance which will cover theft & damage of electric scooter however responsibility of any theft, third party claims, damage or accident, shall lie with Exa Mobility & Investor will not be liable for the same.

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