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Why should you take an Exa Ride? Advantages of taking one!

It was not long ago that Exa Mobility laid the foundations of its subsidiary, Exa Ride, an online platform to facilitate smart, shared, and connected electric-scooter rental services across Pune. But what made us do so?

We went through the demographics and statistics of this city alone, only to find out that Pune itself has somewhere around 4.5 to 5 million commute trips every day. EVERYDAY! Additionally, an average Punekar spends around 7% of their day in commute, not mentioning a considerable amount he/she spends stuck in traffic. Imagine the stress it puts on the economy of the country and the frustration every individual faces. Also, how can we forget about the hazardous emissions and greenhouse gases these vehicles release, polluting our environment? The volumes of these emissions are just too large and saddening to state. Further, the public transport systems of this city are already overburdened to help to ease the situation and might not be a safe option owing to this horrific pandemic.

This is when we realized that the transportation system of this city, rather this country has gone for a toss and is fundamentally broken. It needed immediate attention and significant modifications. Thereupon, Exa Ride was formed to not only assist the citizens to ease their daily commute and reduce the traffic and congestion of this city, but also to make a major contribution to saving our precious environment.

We want people to thoroughly enjoy the lush and green city without any traveling restrictions and professionals to worry about acing at their jobs and not about the hassles of physically reaching their respective offices on time. We offer services that focus not only on social and economic but also on environmental aspects by pivoting the needs of people and the accessibility of vehicles around the city. We envision eliminating the growth of motorized vehicles, traffic, inadequate public transport, and environmental pollution. 

Exa Ride has a widespread presence across Pune so that we are always a few kilometers away from assisting you and ensuring that your journey from point A to point B is an integrated and fluid experience. We have a comprehensive assortment of plans which would suit your requirements and needs. Exa Ride takes the utmost care that you spend the most reasonable price and have the greatest experience while engaging with us, and keeping that in mind, the deals we offer are the most affordable and pocket friendly.  

Exa Ride uses cutting edge IOT based micro-mobility solutions like scooters which can be easily accessed through an application, and hence serves a dual purpose – the entire booking process becomes automated and simpler for the user and we can control and track the vehicle remotely, thereby safeguarding the safety and security of the asset. 

Presently, we aim at taking a step further and indulge in Autonomous Vehicles which opens an anomalous opportunity for an elementary change in metropolitan mobilization and could lead to healthier, more competitive, and greener cities.  

According to the affiliation for Future Mobility, self-driving vehicles can drastically reduce driver error and traffic jams, cut carbon emissions and fuel use, improve productivity, and reduce insurance fees. And this is just a blip on the radar. Autonomous vehicles, if well equipped with effective vehicle sharing schemes and connected mobility of course can outstandingly enhance the transportation system in the most sustainable way for our cities, and this is the exact reason why Exa Ride was given birth to.

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