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About us

Exa Ride® is a platform that dispenses electric scooters under rental services for people to commute within the city. Having multiple docks throughout the city, Exa has a widespread presence across Pune to pivot the needs of people and the accessibility of vehicles around the city.

No one would want to spend a great deal of money only to reach the destination. Keeping that in mind we offer the most affordable pricing structure and pocket-friendly plans handcrafted just for you so that you pay less and travel more. Exa offers an extensive assortment of phenomenal plans ranging from short-term and long-term including daily, weekly, and even monthly rental plans.

We offer services that focus not only on socio-economic aspects but also on the environmental aspects. You only pay for how much you use. Secondly, the entire maintenance and charging cost is covered by us.

Exa Ride® dispenses Electric Vehicles, so that you can ride as well as help with the “Green Pune” initiative.

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