Enjoy exploring the city with our fully sanitized E-Bikes
Prices starting at ₹3800/month*

Flexible Plans Where You Are In Control

Monthly Plan

₹3800/month  ₹5385/month  35% off 

Rising fuel prices, long queues on fueling stations, stigma around COVID-19 leave these hassles to us. Monthly rentals are now available at a 35% discount for the first 50 users.
Get 2000 Kms free and pay just Rs.0.5 per km for the rest of your rides.

Weekly Plan

₹1299/week  ₹1537/week  22% off 

Ride it like you own it! Just get our vehicle on rent on weekly basis and add spark to your ride. Weekly rentals are now available at a 22% discount for the first 50 users. Get 750 Kms free and pay just Rs.0.5 per km for the rest of your rides.

Daily Plan

₹349/day  ₹360/day  3% off 

Travel wherever you want to! Just get our vehicle on rent on daily basis and boost up your travelling time. Daily rentals are now available at a 3% discount for the first 50 users. Get 100 Kms free and pay just Rs.0.5 per km for the rest of your rides.

Why Us?

Safety First

Accounting that your safety is our top-notch priority, we provide you with thoroughly sanitized EV’s.

Exa Ride Stations

Exa Ride Station is here to make ensure your two-wheeler experience is flawless.

Pay Less Travel More

Offering a variety of plans to choose amongst, satisfying your needs and demands

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Accounting that your safety is our top-notch priority, we provide you with thoroughly sanitized EV’s.

In App Feats.

Seamless Experience


Integrated Vehicle Health Management


End To End Mobility


Roadside Assistance


Fast and Economic

Bike On Rent in Pune

Exa Ride laid its foundations with the aim of dispensing an online platform to facilitate smart, shared, and connected electric-scooter rental services across Pune. But why did we do what we did? How was it going to benefit the citizens?
Going through the demographics of this city, we came across the fact that Pune has an average of 4.5 to 5 million commute trips every day. Furthermore, they spend a generous 7% of their day stuck in traffic or waiting at a red light. Just think about the loss of economy for the city alone, if not the country, the stress and frustration each individual might face, the congestion and chaos caused in the city not mentioning the metrics of volumes of hazardous gases emitted by these vehicles through the day indolently worsening the precious environment and inevitably making the city an inhabitable place.
Another aspect of this city is our overly burdened public transport system thanks to the ever-increasing population and unhygienic transport facilities. They clearly cannot help to ease the situation if not make it worse.
While one-half of the people disregard the state of affairs and have a good time exploring the lush city and enjoy its beautiful weather, others have been accustomed to the city’s congestion and are looking for a safe and comfortable mode of transport to commute to work?
This is when Exa Ride jumps in, one, to assist you to experience a safe, sound, and seamless ride and two, to make significant modifications in the city transport system and radically transform it to help ease the current situation. Exa Ride is a platform that dispenses electric scooters under rental services for people to commute within the city. Having multiple docks throughout the city, Exa has a widespread presence across Pune to pivot the needs of people and the accessibility of vehicles around the city.
No one would want to spend a great deal of money only to reach the destination. Keeping that in mind we offer the most affordable pricing structure and pocket-friendly plans handcrafted just for you so that you pay less and travel more. Exa offers an extensive assortment of phenomenal plans ranging from short-term and long-term including daily, weekly, and even monthly rental plans. The horrific pandemic has made everyone refrain from using a shared mobility solution to commute to work or travel around the city. To ensure your safety we take the utmost care that the scooters are fully sanitized and disinfected before and after every use so that it reaches you untouched and as good as brand new.
You might be thinking there are a lot of bike rentals in Pune, why choose Exa?
We offer services that focus not only on socio-economic aspects but also on the environmental aspects. You only pay for how much you use. Secondly, the entire maintenance and charging cost is covered by us. To explore or commute through the city, Exa’s rental services offer 2000km absolutely free. There might be plenty of bike rentals in Pune, but we care about and ensure that you receive what’s best. Additionally, Exa Ride dispenses Electric Vehicles, so that you can ride as well as help with the “Green Pune” initiative.