App Features

Seamless experience

Users would be able to access the vehicles without any keys or OTPs or bar-code scanners. All a user has to do is press one switch in the app and he/she will be connected to the vehicle.

Integrated Vehicle Health Management

The entire fleet service will be using scooters equipped with multiple sensors and an IoT module which would ensure the safety of the users as well as the vehicle.

End to End mobility

Exa Mobility would offer a one stop solution to its consumers by integrating public and private transport sectors and creating a multi-modal transit system.

Road side assistance

Exa Ride will provide 24/7 road side assistance on all its rides so theuser will not have to worry about any rare break downs or mishaps.

Fast and economic

In a city as densely populated as Pune, shared mobility could be thefastest way to travel within the city. The smart pricing structure of Exa Ride would also provide the users with most economic commute package.

Attractive Incentives

Exa Ride would constantly provide various incentives to its users forcompleting the easiest and simplest tasks like fueling/parking the vehicle.

Book an Exa Ride from the App

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