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Why are Electric Scooters so expensive?: Electric Scooter vs Petrol Scooter EXPLAINED!

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If you are looking to buy electric scooters and have doubts about why to choose them, you are in the right place. 

Electric scooters are dominating the city roads lately. One of the main reasons for their popularity is their simple, yet sophisticated working. Also, many people find electric scooters to be more convenient than petrol scooters.

The main reason why electric scooters are expensive is that most electric scooters run on lithium-ion batteries. Being naturally expensive, lithium-ion batteries are truly worth their price. We, Indians, look for the cheapest of the things as we are highly price-conscious. It had been the reason for many to go for petrol scooters. But the increasing fuel prices haunt us everyday and eventually, it will lead to a situation where only electric scooters can show us the way out.

If we go by what the people say, petrol scooters can be effective. But electric scooters will be equally effective by costing you just a quarter of the expense that you spend on petrol vehicles. Charging an electric scooter is more cost effective than refilling your petrol vehicles.

When it comes to the question of convenience, one might say that refilling a petrol scooter is easier. Well, nowadays, electric scooters have charging stations almost everywhere. It depends on the company that you are buying your electric scooters from. 

Electric vehicles require less maintenance than that of petrol vehicles. Even so, regular checking of the engine is essential. Since the mechanical parts of electric scooters are simpler than that of petrol scooters, the maintenance cost and duration will be much lesser. 

Why should you choose electric scooters? 

There are many factors that favor you buying electric scooters. But, are they really worth it? Of course they are.

Electric scooters are eco friendly

Electric scooters are eco-friendly. They cause minimal or no hazards to the environment. You can take your first step towards a responsible future by buying your electric scooter today.

They are cost effective

How are electric scooters cost effective? Initially, electric scooters might demand more investment from your end. But with time, they can be more cost effective than petrol scooters as you can save the frequent fuel expense by charging occasionally. They give you the same mileage as petrol scooters do.

Extending coverage 

One of the most debatable things about electric scooters is that they do not have many charging stations. But as the number of people driving electric scooters is increasing, companies are extending their charging stations across the city.

In the end, electric scooters will be more effective as they can offer you great advantages in the long run. If you are wondering if you will have to face any problems with experimenting with electric scooters, it is how you improve your ideas and get an innovative outlook.