Why do we say that Exa Ride is the best service to commute in the city? 

Exa Mobility, based in Pune, is a Mobility as a Service Company and Automotive manufacturer with a mission to make mobility easier and effective for everyone.

The fact that drives their mission is that the future of mobility will be electric, shared and connected.

Why should you choose Exa ride?

Safety measures:

Safety is not a choice, but is the priority. Exa ride makes sure that the riders are safe and sound throughout their experience. 

All of the vehicles are sanitized and maintained up to the mark.

Great coverage:

Riding an electric vehicle, it is important to have charge stations in different places. Exa ride has made the charging station network vast to make it comfortable for its users.

Cost friendly:

While choosing a service, it is essential to look whether it is pocket friendly. Exa ride will offer you the best options at affordable prices.

Eco friendly:

While the future of mobility is electric vehicles, they are eco friendly as well. You can reduce the carbon emission by going electric. 

People in pune spend almost 7 percent of their day stuck in the traffic. The amount of carbon emitted by these stagnant vehicles can be extremely dangerous to the citizens. 

About Exa Ride app.

The Exa ride app will enrich your experience with its brilliant features. 

Seamless riding experience: 

With its well maintained vehicles, Exa ride allows its users to have a seamless riding experience. Users can use the vehicles without any disturbance by using the Exa ride app. 

Integrated health management: 

Apart from giving you a flawless riding experience, the integrated health management system of Exa ride will ensure good health for the users. 

Apart from these, Exa ride users also can enjoy the privilege of end to end mobility and roadside assistance while riding. Exa ride makes your journey special by a fast and economic experience. You can know the availability, cost, and other details of the vehicle from anywhere at any time. 

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