Why Exa Ride ?

  • Troubled by the long queues at the gas pump? Unsanitary and unclean public transport makes you think twice before using them?
  • Exa Ride provides a hassle-free, sustainable, and one-stop solution to your commute obstacles.
  • We provide the safest and most affordable option to commute.
  • At Exa Ride, the user’s safety is our top-notch priority.
  • We cover all your maintenance costs.

Rental Process

At Exa Ride, we value our user’s safety above everything else and take utmost care while providing the vehicles.
All the vehicles are sanitized daily and are kept within sanitized premises.
The maintenance team is continuously trained and educated  on the best practices of personal hygiene, proper method, and frequency of hand-washing/sanitizing.

  1. Complete the KYC procedure by uploading the necessary documents.
  2. Proceed to select your desired vehicle and schedule your ride.
  3. Pick up the bike from your nearest dock and enjoy your rides.

How Exa Ensures Your Safety

Speed Limit

All our EVs are embedded with an advanced speed limit mechanism which ensures your safety while riding.

Safe and Reliable

From sanitizing each bike before and after every use to taking extensive on-ground measures, your ride will always be safe and reliable.


With Exa, you not only enjoy a smooth and sound ride but also contribute to saving the environment of hazardous emissions.

How Do We Fight Against COVID-19 ?

By sanitizing and disinfecting the vehicles before and after every use, we ensure that it reaches you as good as untouched by any hands.

All our vehicles are parked within safe and sanitary premises.

The maintenance team is continually trained and instructed for using prime personal hygiene methods which includes washing and sanitizing hands regularly.


How Can We Assist You ?

Want to put forth your suggestions or concerns? Want to know how things work?
Get in touch without any hesitation. We would love to hear you out!


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