5 features to look in an electric scooter

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Now that you have decided to rent an electric scooter, there are a few things that you need to look at. 

For any regular commuter, investing in an electric scooter is the ideal choice. You might look at the finishing of the vehicle, its working, customer reviews, and your requirements from the vehicle. But, there are a few more things that you should be aware of while renting an electric scooter.

5 features to look in an electric scooter technological specifications

The technological specifications

There are many kinds of electric scooters available in the market currently. They differ from each other in terms of the technological built of their batteries, battery types, and the level of advancement. 

Know your battery type, how long it will last, and how intellectual the electric scooter is. Charging is an easier, and a more economical way than fueling vehicles. Know the amount of time that your scooter takes to get completely charged.

Basic Features

Now this is easy. The basic features include all the visible and changeable features of your electric scooter. These might include the finishing, the seating, space providence, and the weight capacity of the scooter. If you are a delivery executive, space might be a major factor for you. Any ideal scooter should be able to carry heavy loads without issues.

Official registration

Renting can have potential expenses if you are not careful at the time of renting. Always ask for official registration forms and license proof while you rent an electric scooter. Also, the company that you are renting from should be registered and reputed.


Renting saves your pockets. You can also look for other benefits. Companies like Exa ride take care of the maintenance  costs. Also, if a problem arises in the future, the renter will be assisted throughout the process.

Range and speed

Apart from the charging capacity, the range and speed of your electric scooter are also important. Generally, an electric scooter that will offer a better range with minimal hours of charging is considered ideal. 

For instance, scooters at Exa offer a good kilometer range for considerably less hours of charging.