Electric scooter: Should I rent or buy?

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Electric scooter: Should I rent or buy?

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Recently, Electric Scooters have been dominating the city roads. If you are looking to get a scooter, you have to understand why Electric Scooters are better than gasoline scooters. Electric scooters are more eco friendly as they do not let out harmful gases containing hazardous chemicals. Also, it is like a one -time installment. Unlike fuels, charging won’t cost you much. Also, electric scooters provide you a better range and speed. 

Now that you have decided to get an electric scooter for commuting, you must be wondering whether to buy or rent it. Renting is of course the answer to you question

The modern world is running behind ease and convenience. Electric scooters will let you enjoy the benefits without causing any damage to the environment. Now let us explore how renting is better than buying.

Greater Coverage

You might have come across a lot of stationed vehicles on the roads of your city. You can rent vehicles from anywhere at any time. 

Most of the companies that provide electric scooters for lease are flexible, and have branches spread across the cities. A customer can either book or manually get the vehicle from them.

Pocket friendly

Buying an electric scooter will cost you more than renting it. How? You might think of it as a one time installment. Let’s say that you have bought an electric scooter. Your expenses will include the actual cost, repair costs, maintenance costs, and other expenses.

By renting from services like Exa Ride, you can cut off all of these expenses and enjoy your rides based on packages. This will cost you much less than buying electric scooters. 


E-Commerce and logistic Businesses demand the supply of vehicles for delivery purposes at unexpected times. Leasing vehicles offer you the flexibility to choose from the lot, the best ones that could support your business. 

Upfront costs

Buying vehicles will cost more upfront than leasing them. By leasing, you can cut off the property, appraisal, and maintenance costs. Leasing will allow you to own the asset without having to pay hefty amounts of money.

More Options to choose from

Leasing gives you a lot of options to choose from. You can lease vehicles that are ideal for your business and image. With your money not tied up in any market, you can be open to a lot of opportunities with leasing.

Time availability

With leasing, you don’t just get flexibility and options, you also get ample time to focus on running your business rather than breaking your heads for ownership issues.